Welcome to Erotic Banana

Welcome to a new site all about eroticism, another one I hear you cry and you are right but this site is all about my views on life, sex, gender issues and the impact on mental health. I hope to add stories, reviews of sex toys, erotic images and not just mine, I will be adding features to allow you, my lovely target audience to also have your say in what goes on here. Please, just keep it legal!

There is a section with adult rated pictures and for this you will need a password, drop me an email with a little bit about yourself, include pictures if you like and I’ll respond with the password. For obvious reasons I will be changing the password possibly on a monthly basis but will see how it goes.

I’d love to start an ‘It happened to me’ section so please feel free to email me any stories you’d like published on here.

Read my first ever review of the Velvet Touch Dildo from Bondara Here!!

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Much love,

M x